Retail and Online Rules of the Game

Most brands face guerrilla warfare on the Internet. It is not a linear marketing chain of touchpoints. A consumer on the web faces an information-grinder with fake review sites, misinformation sites, and direct-to-consumer brand sites. This results in rapid learning and brand switching.

In the Omnichannel Lab, we observe how consumers behave on the web in our Group Lab in a series of simulated online experiences.  We then take them to our Mock Retail Store, where we observe them shopping on a grocery aisle or in a simulated retail store.

Image of a flowchart for the omnichannel process

Research methods include intensive web sessions in the group lab followed by visits to mock retail stores…

Ideal Device Categorization in Store

Set up mock stores with three alternate store designs tested in 3 cells with 75 shoppers each

Virtual Sales Agent

How effective is the Virtual Sales Agent in upselling?

Interactive Point of Sale (POS) Demo

Which iPOS content is most useful to shoppers and leads to highest upsell?

Mock Drug Store Aisle

Impact of Omnichannel on multivitamin retail purchase.

People shopping in a simulated computer retail store at c3research

The Omnichannel lab includes a qualitative phase to understand consumer needs and motivation, a group lab to understand online search and learning, and a mock store for testing in-store display and merchandising.

Phase i

Qualitative Lab

Understand Consumer Needs and Motivation

Eye Tracking / Mock Store / Qualitative Interviews

Phase iI

Group Lab

Online Search & Learning

Eye Tracking / Mock Store / Qualitative Interviews

Phase iII

Innovation Lab

Generate Concepts & Ideas

Eye Tracking / Mock Store / Qualitative Interviews

Phase iV

Test and Validate

Test and Validate in the lab

Eye Tracking / Mock Store / Qualitative Interviews

Mock Retail Store

  • Effects of online advertising on purchase path

  • Store display optimization

  • Categorization and merchandising of product assortments

  • Customer retail mentality and motivation

image of tables with computers simulating a retail store at c3research
case studies

Omnichannel Rules of Engagement

Rule 1: Do not extrapolate consumer behavior from the physical to the digital. This is a classic mistake that can lead to the wrong strategy.

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