Consumer-centered healthcare strategy

Our healthcare center is devoted to building brand and customer equity for healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, and the health foods industry by empowering consumers with the right information and decision pathways.

WHAT WE DO AT the Healthcare Center

Strategic Research

Advertising Research

Product Development

Consumer Perception

Brand research

Patient Satisfaction

Digital Research

Strategic Research

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Brand Equity by Market

Top of Mind Salience​
Total Salience​
Aided Awareness

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Competitive Market Drivers

ER Strategy
Hospital Choice
Drivers of Choice

Non-Emergency Strategy Hospital Choice
Drivers of Choice

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Capturing Consumer Value

Areas of New Opportunity
Current Satisfaction
Stress / Difficulty

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Role of Physician & Internet

First Steps Taken
Sources Used
Internet Influence
Impact on Decision Making

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Impact of Insurance Costs

Level of Knowledge Switching Cost Amount Insurance Choice Hospital vs. Insurance




  • Assess macro industry trends.

  • Assess market structure.

  • Economic Trends.

  • Technology Trends.

  • Government and Regulatory Framework.



  • Preliminary review of company’s product portfolio.

  • Company Financials.

  • Understand company’s current strategy and outlook.

  • SWOT analysis.



  • Consumer trends.

  • Consumer decision making & behavior.

  • Consumer attitudes, usage and perceptions of company and competitive products.



  • Analysis of competitive position, vis-à-vis competitive product-offerings and successful marketing strategies.

  • Competitive strengths and weakness.

  • Competitor market share and growth analysis.

  • Competitor financials.



  • Identify potential collaborators (e.g. marketing channels, industry associations etc).

  • Technology collaborators.

  • Partners and affiliates.

Brand Activation Model

A model linking the brand to market performance. The model summarizes how to activate the power of the hospital brand to drive market performance.

hospital Brand Name Research

During the Hospital Pulse, spontaneous interviews with Stakeholders, Staff, Physicians, Patients, and Visitors are conducted. In-Depth Interviews are also conducted with Physicians and Board Members.

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Qualitative focus groups are conducted with community members to gather the community’s point of view.​​

In these groups, reactions to the proposed brand names are gathered, and a creative naming exercise is conducted.​​

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A shortlist of the names is created from the creative group. These names are selected based on how well they fit into each of the naming dimensions.​​

Respondents are asked to select their favorite name on each dimension. In the end, they are asked to select their overall favorite name.

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From the internal survey, the top names are explored further in a quantitative survey with community members.​ ​ ​

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case studies

Omnichannel Rules of Engagement

Rule 1: Do not extrapolate consumer behavior from the physical to the digital. This is a classic mistake that can lead to the wrong strategy.

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Strategic thinking is hard!

Strategic thinking is hard. It is a different way of thinking that blends analytical, creative, and practical ways to think and problem solve.

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Advertising Concept Testing

Part 1

Brand Equity and Decision Making

All consumers are surveyed on:

  • Brand preference and choice

  • Awareness

  • Overall perceptions

  • Decision-making factors

  • Information & communication preferences

All respondents were exposed to the positioning lines, which served as the baseline for concept testing.

Baseline: Positioning lines

Part 2

Concept Testing

Graphic showing the process of concept testing at c3research

Patient Satisfaction

Past Usage
  • Where did you go in the past to get your _____?
  • Where you satisfied with your service experience?
  • Why or Why Not?
Decision Making Process
  • How did you select the place to go to get your _____?
Facility Ratings
  • How would you rate each _____ facilities on the following attributes?
Future Choice
  • Assuming that your insurance was accepted and your doctor recommended all of the following, please rank your top three places _____?
Reason for 1st Choice
  • Please tell us your top 3 reasons for selection_____ as your first choice to get a _____:
  • Race
  • Marital Status
  • # of Children
  • Education

Physician Research

In-depth interviews with PCPs in the area surrounding the hospital to understand community perceptions and satisfaction with services provided.

Interviews are conducted at the doctors’ offices and run 30 to 45 minutes long.

Majority of referrals to hospital
Splits referrals between hospital and competition
Not Loyal
Majority of referrals to competitive hospitals

Concept Development

Qualitative Research – Health Journey Timeline

Respondents were asked to walk us through their health journey. They discussed what is currently available to them and what they would like to see dedicated to seniors.

outline of graph with red dot showing a point in time


personal protective equipment on a blue background - hand sanitizer, face mask

Staying healthy, preventing illness, predicting future needs


Doctor and nurse looking at a patient chart

Incident has occured, causing you to interact with healthcare system


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Recovering and managing aging

Redesigning Care Delivery


Consumer groups
PCP Manager group
PCP Interviews
Map the current patient experience from scheduling to discharge
Identify the critical problem areas in the current care model
generate and test concepts for redesigning care delivery with patients