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C3research : A new way of doing marketing research

Most products and services, digital assets, and campaigns never get the chance for iterative refinements before they hit the market. The result - most products fail, and most campaigns are a non-starter.

What if you could refine your ideas with consumers, develop prototypes, and test them in the lab? Run experiments to see how your ad or website performs with the competition. Find out what happens to your brand in the omnichannel universe and design strategies to compete.

What we do

Brand strategy Lab

Developing a successful brand strategy is a complex process. One must understand consumer needs and wants and the competitive landscape, identify potential market opportunities, and develop a brand concept and positioning strategy. Every step of the way, one must choose from competing options. In real life, this could be an expensive and time-consuming process. The Brand Lab allows for quick testing and retesting on a smaller scale.

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C3Research Weblab is a 6000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art consumer research facility based in Orlando, Florida. Research models developed in the lab are changing the way companies shape strategies for digital advertising, understand the consumer journey, and optimize website redesigns.

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Design Lab

Digital product design is the next frontier for creating consumer value and brand differentiation. From consumer Apps to IoT (Internet of Things), digital products have become increasingly important. The lab provides unique ways to interact with consumers, obtain feedback, and test prototypes.

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Omnichannel Lab

In the Omnichannel Lab, we observe consumers shopping in the Mock Retail Store and on the Web to develop compelling omnichannel strategies. The focus is on understanding the omnichannel environment and how consumers process information and misinformation sites on the web, discover new direct-to-consumer brand sites, and use coupons and promotions.

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Mass communication continues to evolve. Several new ad and media formats now compete for attention. In the Media lab, we study conventional advertising and new formats such as social media ads, YouTube, podcasts, and B2B communications.

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Our healthcare center is devoted to building brand and customer equity for healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, and the health foods industry by empowering consumers with the right information and decision pathways.

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VINOS is a healthcare marketing information system that is built on the PowerBI platform. It tracks population health, health systems brand equity, patient experience, website and digital usage, and health system advertising. VINOS helps health systems to use digital channels effectively to empower healthcare consumers, understand and manage healthcare brand equity and customer experience, and manage marketing spend.

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New at C3Research Knowledge Center

Omnichannel Rules of Engagement

Rule 1: Do not extrapolate consumer behavior from the physical to the digital. This is a classic mistake that can lead to the wrong strategy.

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Strategic thinking is hard!

Strategic thinking is hard. It is a different way of thinking that blends analytical, creative, and practical ways to think and problem solve.

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Forget Usability. Think Web Brand Equity!

I introduce the concept of Web Brand Equity as a marketing concept. The marketer’s goal is to build brand or site preference and choice. How do we do that?

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A better way to do UI / UX research

Traditional UI/UX testing involves asking consumers for their feedback on site elements. We suggest a different way.

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