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What is a focus group?

In a focus group, a selected group of people are invited to participate in a group discussion which is moderated by a professional marketing researcher. These sessions last for 90 minute on average, and participants are paid $75 per session. The focus groups are not a sales pitch, and you are not required to buy anything. We also conduct other paid research studies throughout the year in our research facility, and there would be plenty of opportunities to participate in different studies based on whether or not you qualify.

Who are we?

C3Research is a national marketing research company. We conduct consumer research projects for Fortune 500 companies, Healthcare organizations, and Universities.


Your information will only be used for research purposes and is kept confidential and will not be shared with outside parties. We strictly follow the American Marketing Research industry guidelines to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Where are we located?

Our research facility is located at 7560 Red Bug Lake Road, Suite 1030, Oviedo, FL, about half a mile west of the Oviedo Marketplace Mall.