What people say and what they do on the web are often different.

In the digital world, the marketing research paradigm must shift to scientific experimentation, observation, and in-depth conversations that are only possible in a lab environment.

Why a Lab?

Magnifying glass on a piece of paper with a graph


What people say and what they do on the web are often different

papers with data next to a phone on a desk


Creative groups as well as surveys, experiments, and quantitative studies

Chess board in black and white


Ability to create controlled studies

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Rapid prototyping, quick repetitive studies

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Predictive modeling is also possible

What about sample size?

Estimating a Population Parameter typically requires a large sample size.

For example, if we want to estimate what % of the US adult population believes wine is good for health, we may need to sample about 1,000 people from the target population to get an estimate which is within +/- 3%

In the Lab, we test hypotheses that may not need a large sample size.

For example, let’s say we want to find out if people like the NEW AD more than the OLD AD on a 5 point Like / Dislike scale – a sample size of 50 per cell may be adequate.

Decision Criteria: New Ad should score at least .5 more than Old Ad

Sample Size:  A sample size of 50 per cell is adequate to detect the difference with 80% power for average variability

Lab or field?


Graphical representation of noise affecting measurement

The field is messy.

It is difficult to conduct scientific studies. For statistical confidence, we need large sample sizes that can detect an effect in the presence of high noise. It is also expensive and time-consuming.


The lab is a finely calibrated instrument.

Controlled studies. High statistical confidence in results. An effect detected in the lab will always hold in the field, even though it may be difficult to detect in the field. Small sample. Less costly. Faster results.

The Marketing R&D Process


In-Depth Interviews
Eye Tracking
Focus Groups
Ideation Groups
Concept Generation

Graphic showing strategy opportunities and ideation


Rapid Prototyping
Lab Experiments
A / B Testing
Pre and Post Lab Surveys

Graphic showing prototype testing and retesting


Field Experiments
Mock Retail Store Test
Ad Testing Surveys
Brand Equity Surveys

Graphic showing prediction and validation

lab technology

Multiple wide range cameras
Monitor duplication and split-screen recording
Omnichannel live webcasting
Interactive whiteboard and projector
Traditional and mobile eye-tracking
Biometric data collection
Virtual reality technology


Research studies are conducted worldwide. Our research teams and technology are mobile, allowing us the freedom to conduct our research studies globally. We have set up and conducted research studies in the UK, Germany, Nordics, Brazil, Mexico, India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia and many more.

Outline map of the world with red dots showwing locations c3research has conducted projects worldwide

Take a look

Leadership team

Samar Das, Ph.D.

CEO and Chief Research Officer
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“It was a stark realization that digital media and marketing were going to change all the rules of marketing. Marketing faculty at various universities were on the cusp of change, but whatever they researched and wrote was difficult to translate for applications in the industry. The industry needed a bridge between academic research and its applications.”

Samar obtained his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, the top-ranked management school in India, set up in collaboration with the Harvard Business School. He obtained his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Arizona, where he completed his dissertation on Psychological bases for Brand Strength and Brand Equity under the guidance of Professor Merrie Brucks and the legendary marketing scholar Professor Sid Levy.

Samar has the unique distinction of working in the industry as head of consumer marketing of a British multinational in India; as an award-winning marketing faculty at the University of Central Florida; and as a successful entrepreneur founding an advanced marketing research company. He specializes in competitive strategy, brand marketing, and digital marketing and has worked with several well-known Fortune 500 companies and large organizations across several verticals including CPG, Technology, Healthcare, Media, Advertising, Retailing, Higher Education, etc. He is a thought leader and frequently presents at national conferences.

Jessica Kuack

SVP Consumer Research
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Jessica leads the Consumer Research Group, directing consumer research and satisfaction studies for several large clients. Having been with C3Research for over 10 years, she has developed an extensive portfolio in healthcare research, providing strategic guidance with measurable impact for major healthcare clients.

She oversees projects for local and national clients and manages a team of Research Directors and Executives. As an expert qualitative researcher she also specializes in conducting focus groups and individual in-depth interviews.

Joseph Plummer, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor
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Joe is a senior adviser assisting the team in brand and advertising research. Joe had a stellar career as the Global Executive Vice President of McCann-Erickson WorldGroup in New York, Vice Chairman DMD&B New York, and Executive Vice President, Young and Rubicam New York. Joe sits on the board of several companies, and is also an Adjunct Professor at the Columbia Business School.

Shoko Masuda

EVP Healthcare
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Shoko has 25 years’ experience as an expert of insights and strategy for healthcare and financial industries. She helps organizations navigate brand development, customer experience, acquisition and retention as well as B2B marketing. She works across a wide range of functions and cultures while building collaboration for shared goals.

Prior to joining C3Research, Shoko consulted to a major NY hospital's marketing, communication, and digital strategy. Her insights career started at American Express and then grew to lead teams in Asia, Europe, and the US. Her leadership role continued at Aetna Health Insurance where she rebuilt their insight functions to support the customer-centric marketing strategy. Shoko holds an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business as well as executive coach certification from the International Coaching Federation.

Martin Baum

EVP Omnichannel
image of man smiling at camera

Marty has significant experience teaching and training the disciplines associated with Shopper Insights and Category Management. He has led numerous training sessions in the US, Europe, and Latin America on the strategic and tactical elements of Category Management. In addition, for several years, Marty has been a guest lecturer at the Rutgers University Graduate School of Business.

Marty has extensive experience working for and with a diverse group of major Food and OTC manufacturers in the US and abroad. Although most of his assignments have been on behalf of manufacturer clients, Marty has also worked directly and extensively with nearly all major retailers in the Food, Drug, and Mass Merchandiser classes of trade. Marty earned his BA from George Washington University and MBA from Columbia University Business School.

Carolyn Massiah, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow
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Carolyn specializes in intergroup relations among consumers within the Services Marketing and Consumer Marketing domains such as consumption experiences, commercial friendships, commercial social support, ethnic consumptions, nested identities, sense of community, and social networks. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and has conducted numerous studies using qualitative methodologies.

Carolyn earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from the Arizona State University.

Stefanie Mayfield Garcia

Senior Research Fellow
image of man smiling at camera

Stefanie specializes in the fields of marketing research, internet marketing, advertising, public relations, direct marketing, graphic design, communications, and international business. She conducts qualitative research to build branding, advertising, and digital strategies for regional, national and international companies.

Stefanie holds an MBA from Florida State University.

our work

Fortune 500 Media Network

Online Advertising Models

Used the ad processing and ad effectiveness models to help optimize online media spending for MTV.com. Results presented at the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) 2009 Re:Think Conference: “Digital Marketing – Making Online Ads Work Better”.

Fortune 500 Media Conglomerate

Online Advertising Models

Identified optimal online advertising strategy for the client’s website using WebLab of target consumers.


Exploratory work on the branding of the client’s website

National Theme Park

New Product Testing

Developed new product/ticket offers using choice-based conjoint research design and hierarchical bayes (HB) analysis to identify optimal price and benefit tradeoffs.

Customer Satisfaction

Conducted multiple CSAT studies across theme parks, special events and product offers.

National Insurance

Digital Hub Strategy

Conducted focus groups across the United States to develop personas and segments to redesign the consumer hub site to increase website traffic. The exercise included persona development and segmentation to build focused features and elements to drive traffic.

Identifying the Decision-Making Process

Conducted focus groups through different phases of discussion to identify points where the company can increase interactions and help consumers navigate the healthcare system. Additionally, the findings helped develop communication strategies to resonate with consumers and increase engagement.

Digital Marketing Testing

Measured the effectiveness of a health initiative campaign by conducting web lab groups. Respondents browsed the newly developed microsite and were exposed to the advertisements through custom websites.

Hub Page Usability Testing

Using the eye tracker lab, the hub page for members was tested for usability to redesign for a better user experience.

Second Largest Hospital System

Digital Strategy Research

Conducted eye tracker and group labs for baseline testing to gauge drivers of traffic and decision making. The next phase of research consists of usability and eProduct development sessions to improve the current browsing experience and build a decision-making platform.

Experiential Brand Strategy 

Identified drivers of hospital satisfaction, and the role of experience in building brand perceptions. Measured brand awareness, attitude, and image perceptions for hospitals within the health system.

Hospice Care Re-Branding Study

Conducted administrative and physician interviews, and consumer focus groups to uncover a solution for the damaged brand name.

Competitive Ad Testing

Conducted focus groups, concept development, and quantitative testing to explore new ER advertisement strategies.

Long Range Hospital Planning

Conducted strategy sessions with System CMO and marketing teams to design a penetration plan for three area markets. The goal was to accomplish a growth plan to be achieved by 2020.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Measured perceptions of quality and overall experience ratings with Hospital Urgent Care centers.

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